Life long learning

After graduating as a bachelor or master, it is still important to keep on developing in a constantly changing professional field. You do so by exercising your profession, teaching, finding out more about your discipline, or improving your business qualities.

Training and talent development

In order to remain informed of the latest developments in your profession or to continue performing at the highest level, you can do courses, training sessions and workshops. What’s on offer differs per discipline. There are also special talent development programmes for recent graduates in various disciplines. Keep an eye, in any case, on the refresher courses on offer at your own academy.

Mixed professional practice

An increasing number of artists have a mixed or broad professional practice. Besides their work as autonomous artists, they teach or deploy specific skills in a wider field. Step outside the traditional field of the autonomous artist and develop a broad professional practice. In a broad professional practice your work as an artist is still central, but you work in other fields and with other professional groups, such as projects in the field of community art or social sectors such as welfare, health care or prisons. Talent from higher art education can also inspire commercial businesses.

Coaching, workshops and courses about the business side

If you want to get a better grasp of the business side of freelance entrepreneurship, there are various organisations that can help you: trade unions, professional organisations and various commercial institutions offer coaching and advice. The Amsterdam University of the Arts also offers courses and meetings for students and alumni. Think about subjects as entrepreneurship, networking, funding, taxes, and so on.