Professional media

You can find news on theatre at the websites of the theatres and in newspapers. Besides there are are websites and magazines and good professional journals where you can find interesting information on contemporary performance art.

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Etcetera is an online magazine on performance art from Belgium. Articles, essays, interviews, reviews, columns and reports.

Musicals is a German magazine on musicals.

Nachtkritik is a German theatre magazine.

PAJ, a journal of peformance and arts writes independent critical articles on new directions in performance, video, drama, dance, installations, media, film, and music. Artists’ writings, performance drawings and notations, essays, interviews, reviews, exhibitions and international festivals are featured. Also included are new plays and performance texts from around the world. Podcasts and additional video and audio clips appear on PAJ's online home.

Rekto:Verso is a Belgian free bi-monthly magazine that looks at the world from an arts and culture perspective. 

RiDE, Research in drama education: the journal of applied theatre and performance writes publications on drama education.

Sightline is a Britisch magazine on theatre and technology.

Youth theatre journal writes articles on research and methodological issues in the world of theatre and drama and theatre education. Often with a filosofical, historical, didactic or sociological angle.

Tanz Aktuell is a German dance magazine.

Dance Europe is a dance magazine from London.

Dance International is a Canadian, international dance magazine.

Dance Magazine is an international magazine from 1927, with extended website.

Balletcompanies international information about dance companies.

Dance Business Weekly is a website with interesting articles about dance business.


Scènes is a magazine for the audience with background information on shows in interviews, photography, columns and tips.

Theatermaker is a magazine for theatre professionals.

Theaterkrant is an online magazine with theatre news, reviews and job vacancies. is a network of collections from the performing arts.

Zichtlijnen is a magazine for professionals in the performance arts.

TIN is an archive used by theatre professionals.

Many of these professional journals can also be found in the libraries and media centers of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Here you can read them for free and/or easily online.