In order to support yourself and to execute a new project, you will need financial resources. If your own income does not cover the costs or you do not have enough set aside in order to finance the project (in advance) yourself, think about alternatives. Such as applying for a grant and looking for sponsors or use crowdfunding, barter trade or loans. The combination of different forms of financing is called the financing mix.


Revenue models

In a revenue model, you map out how your business is going to earn money.



What does a good application look like and how is a subsidy awarded?



About funds and grants: multi-year grants, project grants, individual grants and programme grants. What makes a good application?



How do you strike a sponsorship deal which both parties are happy with? What do you need in terms of money or other resources and what do you have to…



Public funding that generates money and engagement. How do you set up a good campaign?


Barter trade

As a supplement to other forms of funding, you can offer your services or products in exchange for something you need.



About different types of loans, including special cultural loans for creative entrepreneurs, venture capital, bank financing and participating…


Awards for entrepreneurs

In addition to the well-known industry awards, there are also awards for enterprising students and start-ups.