Professional media

An overview of the most relevant journals and online media about visual arts.


Artforum international is published ten times a year. On the website you find news, blogs, video interviews, film, previews and a book forum.

Beeldenmagazine is published four times a year. On the website you find book reviews, information on commisioned art, video reviews and articles.

Beelden aan Zee is a magazine that gets published with every major exhibition of the Museum Beelden Aan Zee. The 'BAZ Magazine' is a magazine entirely devoted to sculpture and background information about the exhibition in question.

Bk-info is a bulletin for visual artists. Contains information artists need to function professionally, including governmental commissions. It is published eight times a year.

Boekman collects and spreads information on art and culture policy and it's effects on daily practice. Stimulates research and opinion the production, distribution and consumption of art and (inter)national art policies.

Ceramic Review is a mix of practical and critical features on contemporary ceramic art and craft, around the world published by the Craftsmen Potters Association of Great Britain. Released six times per year.

DADA is an art magazine for children between 6 and 106 years of age that is published five times per year.

Flash art international is a high end art magazine made in Italy and published six times a year. On the website you find news and videos.

Foam Magazine is an international photography magazine published three times a year.

Focus is a monthly magazine on photography and visual communication.

GUP, Guide to Unique Photography is an international photography magazine published six times a year.

kM Information for visual artists, restorers published four times per year.

Kunstschrift is an art magazine that is published by Sdu/Openbaar kunstbezit.

Make, technology on your time is a magazine on art and technology that is published four times per year.

Metropolis M is an art magazine. Online you can read reviews, previews and opinions.

Museumtijdschrift is a museum magazine published eight times a year.

Simulacrum is a scientific magazine on art and culture that can also be read online with a password.

Textiel Plus is a magazine on fabrics. On the website you can order a free trial issue and check the agenda. The magazine is published four times a year.

Online magazines and blogs

Mr. Motley is a magazine about art that connects art and life with each other.

i-D Nederland is considered the cultural sister of Vice magazine.

iGNANT is an online magazine that exhibits the work of both established and emerging talent in the fields of art, design, photography and architecture. You can also post your own work.

HUH Magazine brings different media together on one website, ranging from film to technology. A lifestyle magazine that focuses on art and culture. Located in London.

Lost Painters is a magazine on contemporary art in the Netherlands. Curated by artist Niek Hendrix. With guest writers such as Birgit Donker (Director Mondriaan Fund) and Tinkebell (artist).

Trendbeheer was established to put art in the limelight and show a wider public what is going on. Under the name Trendbeheer Presents, the magazine also produces exhibitions and activities on location.

Artsy's mission is to make art accessible from all over the world to anyone with an Internet connection.

Colossal is a blog with weekly posts about photography, design, animation, painting, installation art, architecture, illustration and street art. Colossal lies on the boundary between art and science and reminds the visitor that in today's digital age still plenty of artists do a great job with their bare hands.

Hyperallergic is a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the contemporary world.

The Jealous Curator "Damn, I wish I thougt or that." Is the utterance of a blogger who knows her jealousy already taken steps to put into inspiration. A blog with contemporary art and short articles.

Lustik is an online platform on Tumblr and has a large number of blogs full of artistic expression. Lustik is a good example of such "pictures viewer" where you can scroll endlessly.

ARTtube was founded in 2012 as a collective video channel of five museums: Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Hague Municipal Museum, M HKA Antwerp and De Pont in Tilburg. The website includes interviews with artists and designers. There are also watch videos in which there is a glimpse behind the scenes thrown during the construction of an exhibition or restoration of works of art. Additionally curators share their favorite works from the collections of the museums.