Professional media

In general architects are very active in keeping up with developments in the profession. The progress of colleagues is followed closely by means of books, newspapers, journals and websites. In addition, the media is also important in profiling one’s own practice and bringing in commissions.


Archis is an independent journal for architecture, city- and visual culture which appears bimonthly in Dutch and English versions. The journal covers international developments but pays much attention to the situation in the Netherlands. Many of the articles appear in the Archis records on the internet.

De Architect is the Netherlands’ most important architectural journal. It is more specifically aimed at completed projects and developments at home and abroad. The website gives attention to news, product information and other media. It also includes a photographic archive and a limited architecture agenda.

Other trade journals:


Books about architecture are mainly published in the Netherlands by:


Internet-portals in the area of architecture in the Netherlands include:

In general here you find the most current news about national and international developments in architecture, lots of useful links to architecture bureaus, government agencies, architecture and construction-related companies vacancy listings and an overview of competitions.