Professional media

Stay informed about what’s going on in your field. These are also the most important media sources for fans, editors and journalists. You can also approach some of them to promote your own music.

Offline media

Dutch magazines
OOR is the most well-known Dutch magazine focusing on both national and international acts. In general, the more alternative top 40 acts can be found in this magazine. Heaven is aimed at a slightly older audience. Other titles include: Music Maker, Lust for Life, Soundz, Hitkrant and Aardschok. Trade press especially for band musicians include De Gitarist, Slagwerkkrant and Band Coach.

Foreign magazines
A small selection of foreign magazines: Billboard (US), Rollingstone (US), MOJO (UK), Q Magazine (UK), NME (UK), The Source, Vibe, Bassplayer and Downbeat.


A lot of Dutch music is broadcast on the radio and TV. Radio 3FM traditionally devotes a lot of attention to Dutch music, mainly focuses on pop/rock, but is also devoting more and more attention to dance and hip-hop. The market leader is Radio 538, followed by Sky Radio and NPO Radio 2. Broadcasters with regional branches like Fun X (mainly aimed at young people in the Randstad conurbation) and online radio stations like KINK and Juize FM are becoming increasingly popular.