Specifying values

Arts and culture have an impact on an individual and social level. You can distinguish, for example, between artistic, art historical, social and economic values. Representative bodies usually do this for one specific field. The government translates the importance into cultural and media policy. Learn to put your story into words and in this become a good arts advocate. In this way, you will increase the support for your field in society.


Arts advocacy

About communicating the values of the various fields of work in the arts and culture sector for society.


Impact of arts and culture

How do you measure impact and how do you specify the artistic, social and economic value of your own and someone else's work?


Arts and culture in figures

About statistical data and where you can find the data to substantiate your story with facts.


Representative bodies

Professional organisations, industry associations and trade unions are parties that represent the interests of a sector and own members in various…


Cultural policy

About government measures that contribute to the preservation, development and dissemination of arts and culture.


Media policy

About the Dutch Media Act, the Dutch Media Authority and international policy.