Professional media

Through various media such as magazines, internet, calendars and reviews in newspapers and magazines as well as through bulletin boards at conservatories you know what is happening in the world of classical music. The links below can help you as well.

Classical music on Dutch television

Podium Witteman on Sunday evening.

Classical music on the internet

Concercertzender broadcasts radio programs on the internet. 
Muziekweb and Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (Public Library) are having an online library of music.
Cultura24 is the digital theme channel for culture and art from the Publieke Omroep.
Opusklassiek, website with news, reports, portraits and reviews on classical music and video- and audio equipment. 
Musiciansway is a complementary website to eponymous book published by the Oxford University. Here you find information and blogs on subjects you will deal with as a professional musician and lots of links to downloads, articles and websites.
Vrije Geluiden Sessies (VPRO) can be watched online, regurly broadcasting classical music and documentaries.

(Online) English magazines

Private Kitchen is an online magazine about Dutch media composers and their music.
Early Music journal on early music founded in 1973.
Grammophone leading magazine on classical music.
Operanews on- and offline news on opera with an agenda, reviews, videos and soundbites.
Opera Now British magazine on opera.
The Strad magazine on the string music world. Online you can watch videos and find job vacancies around the world.
Harpsichord & fortepiano covering all things on early keyboard, including but not limited to harpsichord, fortepiano, organ, clavichord, Dulcitone, Tangentenfluegel, pedal board, and square pianos.

(Online) Dutch magazines

De Fagot magazine for Bassoon players.
Klassieke Zaken two monthly free magazine on classical music.
Luister on- and offline magazine on classical music. You can listen to cd's online.
Operamagazine web magazine on opera with reviews, articles, agenda and a store.
Oorgetuige information on new music.
Oude Muziek on- and offline magazine on old music with backgrounds, interviews and articles about concerts on Festival Oude Muziek.
TVNM magazine of the Royal Association for Dutch Music History that is published twice a year.

Many of these professional journals can also be found in the libraries and media centers of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Here you can read them for free and/or easily online.