Film and tv in the Netherlands

Here you will find information about Dutch organisations in film and television that can help you build a career in the Netherlands.


Young makers

About talent development programmes and initiatives that offer opportunities to young creative artists.


Film festivals

About festivals, festival strategy and selection of films.


Film markets

About pre-sales and viewing markets and the importance of participation therein for new projects and films that have already been completed.


Film distribution

About film producers, distributors, cinema operators and release plans.


World of television

About the Dutch broadcasting system and the production of programmes for television.


Professional organisations

About the many professional associations, knowledge organisations and professional media in the Netherlands.


Film awards

About important Dutch and international awards in the film world.


Dutch film in numbers

How many films are made in the Netherlands annually, how many cinemas and visitors are there and what does that involve?


Media policy

About the Dutch Media law and international policy.


Cultural policy

About government measures that contribute to the preservation, development and distribution of arts and culture.



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