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BeroepKunstenaar is a website from the Amsterdam University of the arts. It is used not just by the AHK, but also by other educational training institutes. If you want to include parts of the site in a reader, please contact the web manager.

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If you have any suggestions or comments or come across unexpected technical problems, please let us know. We can optimise the site with the help of your suggestions. Mail to:

Individual questions

If you have an individual question about the business aspects of your professional practice, take a look first to see whether you can find the answer on this site. If not, AHK students can also consult their tutors. In addition there are various bodies like professional organisations, knowledge institutes and unions that provide personal advice on a variety of topics.

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Editorial staff and contacts

Judith Prins, tel: 020 527 7748, Web Manager / Editor in Chief
Maud Mentink, Web Editor

Academy of Architecture
Nico van Bockhooven, Coordinator Professional Experience

Academy of Theatre and Dance
Bart Kusters, Head of Production
GwenoĂ«le Trapman, Artistic Director Master DAS Creative Producing

Breitner Academy
Lisette Deuzeman, External Relations

Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Marieke Oremus, Coordinator Educational Subjects and Entrepreneurship Programme Classical Music
Jack Pisters, Coordinator Pop Department and AEMA

Netherlands Film Academy
Allard Koers, Head of the Bachelor Programme

Reinwardt Academy
Carolien Bos, Coordinator Study Affairs
Joke Bosch, Guest Teacher
Marjan Otter, Marketing and Management Teacher

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