Professional media

Through various media such as magazines, internet, calendars and reviews in newspapers and magazines as well as through bulletin boards at conservatories you know what is happening in the world of jazz. The links below can help you as well.

Jazz on the web

  • Jazzhelden the story about Dutch jazz by the musicians themselves.
  • JazzNu is an online magazine offering interviews, album and concert reviews, columns and background stories.
  • Jazzenzo offers news, press releases, interviews and reviews of cd's and concerts.
  • Draaiomjeoren offers reviews of cd's and concerts, interviews and photos.
  • Jazzflits is a free fortnightly e-newsletter. 
  • Allaboutjazz offers 'all about jazz'. Cd reviews interviews, mp3 downloads, concert data, musicians' biographies, jazz stages and record labels in the U.S.A.
  • Saxophone, virtual saxophone museum.
  • Muziekweb and the Openbare Bibliotheek van Amsterdam part of the music collections can be heard and lend on the internet.
  • Vrije Geluiden (VPRO) registering concerts and making documentaries, shared online.
  • Private Kitchen is an online magazine about Dutch media composers and their music.

Jazz in print

Jazz on radio

  • NPO Radio 2 Soul & Jazz platform of the public broadcasting service for jazz, world & beyond and cultural informative programmes.
  • Sublime FM offers pleasant jazz-, soul, funk and lounge music.
  • Concertzender is also available in real time on the internet. It also offers programmes on demand and sometimes as pod-cast.

Jazz on TV