Professional media

As a filmmaker, it’s not only nice, but also essential, to be aware of the latest news and developments in the sector. In general, these developments are easy to follow via social media. In addition, there are various trade journals and websites that can provide you with film news and information.

Selection of relevant media

De Filmkrant, the largest film magazine in the Netherlands.

SEE NL is a platform of the Eye Filmmuseum and the Netherlands Film Fund for the promotion of Dutch films.

Holland Film Nieuws, for the latest film news.

FilmTotaal, for news about new releases and reviews.

Filmstart, start page for filmmakers and television makers.

KijkOnderzoek, website with viewing figures.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB), the largest film database in the world.

American Cinematographer, trade journal for cinematography.

Sight and Sound, British magazine with interviews, articles and reviews.

Variety, American entertainment and news platform.

Private Kitchen, is an online magazine about Dutch media composers and their music.

Netherlands Film Fund Newsletter, about the latest developments within the Dutch film sector and the Film Fund. You can subscribe to the newsletter via the website and you will then receive it once a week in your mailbox.

The Hollywood Reporter, a news site about the most recent American film news.

Biosagenda, provides information about which films are currently showing in cinemas and how they are doing.

MovieMeter, a website with film news and reviews.

Cineville, a site devoted to art house film. In addition to promoting the Cineville card, they provide film reviews, articles and tips.

Many of these trade journals can also be found in the libraries and media centers of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Here you can read them for free and/or easily online.

On-demand films and TV programmes

It is important to see new films and TV programmes from both the Netherlands and abroad. This is possible by going to the cinema, but you can also easily watch the latest films, drama series, documentaries and television programmes at home.

NPO Start, all channels and programmes of the public broadcaster. Strictly speaking, you can watch everything that was broadcast linearly up until a week ago here, but the NPO often leaves certain content up slightly longer.

NPO Plus, the paid version. For €2.95 per month, you have access to all programmes, films and series of the public broadcaster up until years back.

2Doc, documentaries broadcast by the NPO with detailed context.

RTL XL, to watch programmes of Dutch broadcaster RTL.

KIJK, to watch programmes of Dutch broadcasters SBS6, SBS9, Net5 and Veronica.

NLZiet, subscription service for all programmes that were broadcast linearly via Dutch TV. A little bit more expensive than NPO Plus, but you also get the content of the commercial and local broadcasters.

Netflix, online streaming of films and series, subscription service.

HBO, online streaming of films and series, subscription service.

Videoland, online streaming of films and series, subscription service.

Pathé Thuis, online film rental, payment per film.

Vice, online media content for young people.

Mubi, the most well-known streaming service for globally-recognised, high-quality art house films.

Viaplay, a streaming service for films, series and live sport.

Disney+, a streaming service for films and series.

Amazon Prime Video, a streaming service for films and series.

Apple TV+, a streaming service for films and series (only Apple Originals).

Picl, a streaming service where you pay per film. They have a strong partnership with several distributors in the Netherlands, as a result of which they are able to offer high-quality content that is simultaneously being shown in cinemas.

IFFR Unleashed, the platform for the International Film Festival Rotterdam where you can rent high-quality films.

Cinetree, a streaming platform with films and documentaries that are selected by a group of professionals.

Ziggo Movies & Series, the on-demand platform of Ziggo.

Film1, a digital provider of films. It does not have any series. The price depends on your TV provider.