Professional media

As a filmmaker it is not only fun, but also essential to stay informed about new releases and developments in the sector. Besides social media also magazines and websites can inform you.

Selection of relevant media

De Filmkrant, the largest film magazine in the Netherlands.

Eye international, the Industry Guide lists all the Dutch film production companies.

Nederlands Filmfonds, for all awarded funding.

Holland Film Nieuws, for the latest film news.

Filmtotaal, for news about new releases and reviews.

Filmstart, the number one initial page for film and television producers.

Kijkonderzoek, website with ratings.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB), world's largest film database.

American Cinematographer, camera magazine.

Sight&Sound, British magazine with interviews, articles and reviews.

Variety, American entertainment news platform.

Private Kitchen, is an online magazine about Dutch media composers and their music.

Video on demand (VOD)

To see all new Dutch and international films and series you can go to the cinema or watch it at home via one of these websites.

NPO, all tv-programmes of the public broadcasters.

2Doc, documentaries broadcasted by NPO.

RTL XL, for programmes of RTL.

KIJK, for programmes of SBS6, SBS9, Net5 and Veronica.

NLZiet, on demand for programmes of RTL XL, NPO and KIJK, pay per month.

Netflix, online streaming of films and series, pay per month.

HBO, online streaming of films and series, pay per month.

Videoland, online streaming of films and series, pay per month.

Pathé Thuis, online films, pay per view.

Vice, online media.