FAQ which tasks can I outsource?

Even if you do not like to deal with business affairs, you cannot avoid it all. The idea that a good product sells itself is just a fairy tale. That’s why you also have to get involved in subsidy procedures, budgets, distribution, insurance, target groups, negotiations, etc. Which jobs can you contract out?

You don’t have to do it all yourself

When you make a workshop production the workshop itself manages the budget, the contracts and the publicity. If you want to set up your own theatre company, it is highly advisable to hire a business manager. He or she will manage most business aspects.

Whatever your plans, always make sure you have someone who can advise you on business matters, such as an accountant. You might also consider using the help of an arts management student; they are often interested in this kind of 'work experience'.

Whatever kind of help you arrange: make sure you find somebody you trust because this person will take on a lot of responsible work. Keep yourself informed about all agreements, for example by setting certain dates for meetings.

If you do take someone on to help you

Make sure you understand some of the basics so that you can communicate easily with your business advisor. This can save you a lot of hassles – and high bills. So be aware of where you can find information when a business matter appears on your doorstep. This website can help you with practical information and explanations of business issues.