Professional associations

There are several professional organisations for people who work in the theatre and dance world. Think of organisations such as trade unions and professional associations. They represent both collective and individual interests and can often provide good advice in, for example, tax and legal matters.

Representative bodies in the Netherlands

Representative bodies can do a lot for you in many different ways. Sometimes there are also student or starter rates and you can usually sign up for newsletters for free.

Is the association looking after the interests of actors. You can join ACT for free if you are a third or fourth year student at the Mime or ATKA programme of the AHK.

Artiesten Belangen Centrum
Is a branche organisation for independent artists and musicians. 

Dansondernemers Nederland
The dance entrepreneurs gather during the corona crisis, so that they can form one voice towards politics and draw up protocols together. Self-employed people can also join.

Works for employees and self-employed entrepreneurs. The union keeps track of social developments, exerts influence on policy problems and takes care of collective lobbying (such as CAOs).

NBDO Dansbelang (Dutch Professional Dancers Association)
Its foremost concern is to further the interests of dancers in the broadest possible perspective. 

Nederlandse Associatie voor Podiumkunsten (NAPK)
A network organisation representing orchestras, dance and theatre companies. It contributes to the visibility, positioning, good employership and cultural entrepeneurship in the performing arts in the Netherlands. The NAPK also provides a platform for financial managers, creative producers and quartermasters called NAPK START.

Platform Scenography
The association of scenographers.

Platform Theaterauteurs
An independent platform for writers in the Netherlands. 

Retraining Program for Dancers(ODN)
Most dancers feel the need to end their dance career around the age of 35. The ODN enables participating dancers to make a new start by supplying a (temporarily) supplement to the new income, a contribution to study expenses or compensation for interest rates incurred by starting a business or other career related investments.

A professional association for self-employed entrepreneurs who work with their voice. 

Vereniging van Schouwburg en Concertzaal Directies (VSCD)
An umbrella organization for theatre and concert halls.

Vereniging voor Podiumtechnologie
The organization for those who work behind the scenes in the theatre and event sector. The organization conducts research, promotes the transfer of knowledge and provides a networking platform and have a special workgroup for young professionals. There is also a special rate for young professionals or you can join the VPT with your class (through your study program).

International organisations

Acteursgilde (BelgiĆ«) promotes the interests of Belgian actors

DutchCulture is the Dutch center for international cooperation in the cultural and creative sector. 

Cultuurloket gives advice to individuals and organisations in the Belgian cultual sector. 

STEPP is the Belgian focal point for the producing, designing, and technical forces of the broader cultural sector.

OISTAT is a global network for scenographers, theatre architects, theatre educators and theatre technicians.