Professional associations

There are various professional associations to support you. Such as knowledge institutions and trade unions. They can help you with the business aspects or inform you about your field of work.

Representative bodies

The representation of interests is done by trade unions and professional associations. Sometimes there are student or starter rates and you can usually sign up for newsletters for free.

General trade unions:

Specific professional associations:
Association for education in art and culture (vonck)
Organisation for dance professionals (nbdk dansbelang)
Association of music teachers in schools (vls)
Professional association of drama teachers (bdd)
Nederlandse Vereniging van Zangpedagogen

Knowledge and information

Some interesting knowledge organisations in the Dutch field of art education:

Landelijk Kenniscentrum Cultuureducatie en Amateurkunst is a national institution for the promotion of expertise, information, networking and research in arts and cultural education.

MOCCA is an expertise network for art education in Amsterdam.

Cultuurconnectie is a branch association for education and participation in the arts.

Theatereducatie is a TIN initiative with a lot of information for theater teachers.

Social networks

To build up and maintain a professional network, you can register at different networks. In this way you stay updated about important developments in your work field, events and discussions. Also vacancies and assigments are communicated through these networks.

Landelijk Kennisinstituut Cultuureducatie en Amateurkunst (LKCA)
Cultuureducatie met kwaliteit
Culturele vacatures
Master Kunsteducatie AHK
Cultuureducatie Noord-Holland
Netwerk Cultuureducatie & Cultuurparticipatie

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