Professional associations

As an architect you need to register to be able to call yourself 'architect'. After your registration you can contact several professional associations for instance on legal advice and support or information on the professional field.


Architects Registration Board of the Netherlands (BA)
In the Netherlands, as in most of the other EU member states, the title of architect enjoys legal protection. Under the Architect’s Title Act (Wet op de architectentitel) only people registered in the Register of Architects may carry the title of architect, urban designer, landscape architect or interior architect. The SBA is the official body which administers the Register of Architects, which was instituted by the abovementioned Act. 

So, registration in this register is very important if you want to use the title of architect. Clients, insurance companies and trade associations may make your registration a precondition.

Professional associations

They all strive for optimum conditions for the practice of their members’ professions by profiling and developing the professions and strengthening enterprise. Architects who are members can approach the associations for information about subjects such as legal relationships, employment matters, and the construction process. Most of these organizations also have online services with newsletters, links to members and vacancy departments.

Every profession has its own interest promoters:

BNA: Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architecten
BNSP: Beroepsvereniging Nederlandse Stedenbouwkundigen en Planologen
NVTL: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Tuin- en landschapsarchitectuur
BNI: Beroepsvereniging Nederlandse Interieurarchitecten
BNO: Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers
Lichtontwerp Nederland: Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Lichtontwerpers