Professional associations

As an architect you need to register to be able to call yourself 'architect'. After your registration you can contact several professional associations for instance on legal advice and support or information on the professional field.


Architects Registration Board of the Netherlands (BA)
In the Netherlands, as in most of the other EU member states, the title of architect enjoys legal protection. Under the Architect’s Title Act (Wet op de architectentitel) only people registered in the Register of Architects may carry the title of architect, urban designer, landscape architect or interior architect. The SBA is the official body which administers the Register of Architects, which was instituted by the abovementioned Act. 

So, registration in this register is very important if you want to use the title of architect. Clients, insurance companies and trade associations may make your registration a precondition.

Professional associations

They all strive for optimum conditions for the practice of their members’ professions by profiling and developing the professions and strengthening enterprise. Architects who are members can approach the associations for information about subjects such as legal relationships, employment matters, and the construction process. Most of these organizations also have online services with newsletters, links to members and vacancy departments. Sometimes there are student or starter rates and you can usually sign up for newsletters for free.

Every profession has its own interest promoters:

BNA: Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architecten (has a starter rate)
BNSP: Beroepsvereniging Nederlandse Stedebouwkundigen en Planologen
NVTL: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Tuin- en landschapsarchitectuur
BNI: Beroepsvereniging Nederlandse Interieurarchitecten
BNO: Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers

Knowledge and information

The Netherlands enjoys a broad scope of agencies, networks and organisations which, whether or not subsidised by the government, provide for discussion about architecture and design. Partly because of this, there is a lively architectural climate in which everyone can take part.

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Het Nieuwe Instituut focuses on architecture, design and e-culture. The institute organises exhibits, conferences and debates, manages the collections and archives of the most prominent Dutch architects and urban planners, has an extensive library and bookstore and an international study centre. The NAi010 publishers produce a large number of publications, among them the Architectuur Jaarboek (Architecture Yearbook). 

Architectuur Lokaal
The aim of Architectuur Lokaal is to stimulate the quality of assignments and patronage in the building and administrators world. It does this by way of symposiums, courses and excursions. In addition, Architectuur Lokaal also publishes a magazine and several other publications. It also coordinates meetings of the network of local architecture centres (among them ARCAM in Amsterdam, Casa in Arnhem, Aorta in Utrecht) and the Steunpunt Ontwerpwedstrijden (Design Support Competitions) is coordinated by it. Architectuur Lokaal also maintains a website with, among other things, the Calendar of The Netherlands and an international Architecture Address Book. 

Platform is a knowledge and network organisation that identifies trends in the city and region. They connect policy, practice and science around current issues and design an approach that administrators, policymakers and implementers can use immediately.

Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam (ARCAM)
ARCAM is an organisation which wants to broaden interest in architecture and which addresses current themes and developments in and around Amsterdam which require attention. It is an Information Centre with a large number of architectural books, magazines, folders, maps and a cuttings archive. ARCAM also organises lectures and exhibitions about topical themes in its own exhibition space, and acts as a coordinating centre for coordinating existing programmes and initiating new activities.

Pakhuis de Zwijger
Pakhuis de Zwijger is an independent platform for inspiring meetings and unexpected crossovers. There is an extensive agenda with different themes that are often about the city and architecture.