The Netherlands has ten large orchestras, these are subsidized by the government. There are also orchestras that work on a project basis and therefore make use of various types of financing.


A few Dutch orchestras receive so-called 'long term subsidy' from the national government under the basic infrastructure (basisinfrastructuur, BIS) 2021-2024:

Directly to:

Cultural Policy

Youth orchestras

There are two youth orchestras in the Netherlands subsidized by the National government via the Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie.

Nationaal Jeugd Orkest (NJO) offers activities for young talented musicians: projects for a big symphony orchestra, for smaller ensembles and chamber music, exchange programmes with other orchestra's abroad and auditions for renowned international youth orchestras. It's mainly for students of a conservatory. 

JeugdOrkest Nederland (JON) is for talented musicians in the age group 14-19, like students of a preliminary training course for a Dutch conservatory. Every there are three intensive projects where musicians benefit from the experience of working in a professionally organized symphony orchestra.

The JeugdOrkest Nederland (JON) and the Nationaal Jeugd Orkest (NJO) work together as the Nationale JeugdOrkesten Nederland (NJON) to build a bridge between education and profession. By combining these two organisations there is an ongoing learning curve for talents between the age of 14 till 26.

Non-(government) subsidised companies

There are also orchestras that do net get subsidy from the national government. For example the Zeeuws Orkest and Sinfonia Rotterdam.