Film awards

Awards are presented at many film festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. There are often separate awards for short films, feature films, documentaries and student films. Most of the awards are presented by a professional and independent jury. Many festivals also have an audience prize awarded on the basis of votes.

The Netherlands

Film awards that are presented every year at festivals in the Netherlands:

Netherlands Film Festival
The Golden Calves, the big prizes for Dutch film, are awarded during the final evening of the Netherlands Film Festival. For the most categories the nominations and winners have been determined since 2015 by an academy system. The films in a number of categories, however –TV drama, short film and short documentary –are still judged by an independent jury. The festival also has a student competition with awards for the best graduation film (Tuschinski Award), the most distinctive film or crew member (Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds Award), and the best producer of a graduation film (FPN Award).

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam has various competitions. It makes a distinction, for example, between international and Dutch documentaries. There is a separate competition for film makers who are starting out: First Appearance. The festival also has an international student competition.

International Film Festival Rotterdam
This international film festival has a number of awards. The main competition is the Tiger Awards competition with two categories: long films, and films shorter than 60 minutes. This competition is intended for up and coming talent. The festival also has a student film competition.

The awards presented during this festival go to the best international and Dutch films, TV programmes and new media productions for young children and teenagers.

Go Short International Film Festival
The Go Short Awards are presented during this festival, for the best European short film and the best Dutch short film.

Film by the Sea International Film Festival
Among the awards presented during Film by the Sea in Vlissingen are the Film and Literature Award, the Grand Acting Award and the Sylvia Kristel Award.

VERS Awards
Awards for short films, animations and documentaries by new filmmakers presented by VERS, the association for new film and TV makers.

Imagine Film Festival
This festival is dedicated to ‘fantastic’ film, from fantasy to science fiction, from horror to anime. Among the awards presented are the audience prize Silver Cream Award and the jury prize Silver Méliès Award.

International awards

Major international film awards include the Academy Awards, known by the general public as the Oscars , and the Golden Globes. The three major international film festivals are the festivals in Cannes, Venice and Berlin . These festivals each have their own prestigious awards, the Palme d'Or and Camera d'Or, or the Leone d'Oro and the Golden Bears in Berlin.