Film markets

Some film festivals offer a market for the targeted buying and selling of films, TV programmes and film plans. Such a market programme usually consists of a pre-sales market and a viewing market. New film plans are presented at the pre-sales market to fund the production of films; a viewing market attracts attention to films that have already been made.

Market programme

Every market has its own character, rules of play and criteria. It selects film makers and projects that match its character. These projects are presented to the buyers (catchers) who are invited to participate by the market. Potential catchers include sales agents, distributors, funds, (co-)producers, broadcasting company final editors, and festival programmers. The programme put together by the festival is intended to bring film makers (suppliers) and buyers together in order to forge international collaborations.

Why is it important to take part?

It is important for producers to pay attention to the international release of a film at an early stage. Participation in a pre-sales market may involve a sales agent or distributor with the film at an early stage. Furthermore, it is an important aim of the market to find co-founders for the making of a film, such as co-producers, broadcasting companies, funding bodies or a distributor.

Distributors visit the markets to listen to the pitches of producers as they present their new films or film plans. These pitches are the basis on which the distributors decide for which projects they want to buy the distribution rights.

It is also important to take part in a market for films that have already been made. If no sales agent or distributor is involved with the film yet, producers can offer their film there. It is an opportunity for distributors and broadcasting companies to purchase these films for distribution or broadcasting.

Markets in the Netherlands

There are a number of big international film festivals in the Netherlands with a market programme, such as the NFF (Holland Film Meeting), the IFFR (Cinemart), the IDFA (Forum/Docs for Sale) and Cinekid (Junior Co-production Market).