World of heritage

A heritage professional works in an ever changing world and evolving field. Keep yourself informed by joining social networks or by following relevant media. A lot of alumni of the Reinwardt Academy work in museums and archives or other heritage-related workspaces such as auction houses, marketing bureaus, galleries, funds or as curators.



Information about the number and different kinds of museums, financing and collection management in the Netherlands.



About the National Archives, the Regional Historical Centres and specialised archives in the Netherlands.



About various types of historic/listed buildings and figures about the preservation of monuments and historic buildings.


Professional associations

Overview of trade unions, representatives and knowledge institutes.


Professional media heritage

Overview of the most relevant professional journals about heritage in the Netherlands.


Competitions and awards in heritage

Selection of awards for institutions and individual awards.



What the business side of a professional field looks like is currently widely discussed in podcasts. We have listed a number of interesting Dutch…