Presentation institutions

The Dutch government is funding six art presentation institutions from the cultural basic infrastructure 2021-2024. These institutions (re)present the latest developments in the art world from the regional to the international level.

Framer Framed, promotes the development of knowledge and expertise in the field of intercultural processes in contemporary art. The organisation is located in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.

Vleeshal, located in the former town hall on the market of Middelburg. Exhibitions, performances and educational workshops are organised here.

BAK, base for contemporary art in Utrecht. It is a platform dedicated to researching, producing, presenting and analysing contemporary art.

Marres, centre for contemporary culture in Maastricht. Houses a cultural project bureau, a publishing house and a restaurant.

MU, centre for contemporary art in Eindhoven. Art is mixed with design, fashion, music, architecture and new media. MU organises exhibitions, workshops, debates, lectures, and produces MU TV.

Kunstinstituut Melly, centre for modern art in Rotterdam. Issues publications, organises special projects, workshops and master classes.