The Dutch art- and culture world knows various subsidisers and funds owned by local- and national government and private institutes. The differences between them are big.

AFK (Amsterdam arts fund)

AFK (Amsterdam arts fund)
The AFK supports the experiment as well as proven quality, established and relative new organisations, professional art and amateur art - all over the city. There are long-term and incidental subsidies for all disciplines in the cultural sector, for cultural organisations and artists.

Blockbuster fund

Blockbuster fund
Supports cultural projects, preferably multifunctional, that take place in The Netherlands with a large (inter)national audience.

Cultuurloket DigitALL

Cultuurloket DigitALL
A fund for cultural institutions that want to strengthen their public offer or contact with the public through the use of digital technology.


Fonds21 is an enterprising and socially involved fund that supports Art & Culture and Youth & Society through goals. They support professional, high-quality projects that are able to reach a wide, new audience.

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
The fund supports projects in the fields of visual art, historic preservation, history & literature, music, nature, theater, dance, film and neighborhood culture. The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds also presents several prizes, distinctions, grants and stipends every year. To honor volunteers, to encourage talent or for an oeuvre. They also have scholarships and stipends for up-and-coming and proven talent.

VSB Fund

VSB Fund
The VSB Fund supports many hundreds of initiatives in a broad social field every year. It supports projects throughout the entire breadth of the art and culture sector, from performing arts to cultural heritage and from new media to fine art and cultural education.

Ammodo promotes art and science. It targets projects that have a high international prestige. The fund supports art projects that can contribute to the development or appreciation of art through their level and innovative or unusual character. Ammodo supports projects in music, performing art, fine art, film, literature and architecture.

BNG Cultuurfonds
Stimulates artistic and cultural activities that are (partly) financed by local governments and that have importance on the level of municipal policy. The BNG Cultuurfonds primarily grants subsidies for regular projects. In addition, the BNG Cultuurfonds stimulates young talent with prizes in the fields of theatre, literature, youth circus, visual arts, cultural heritage, music and dance.

Fund for Cultural Participation
The fund stimulates an active participation in the cultural life of the inhabitants of the Netherlands in all their diversity. It has a variety of subsidy schemes, including cultural education, amateur art and popular culture.

Fonds Kwadraat
Fonds Kwadraat, formerly Materiaalfonds, offers talented artists, photographers and designers interest-free loans for developing, creating and presenting new work, such as an exhibition, equipment, a website, a presentation or an artists' book.

Janivo Foundation
The Janivo Foundation supports art projects for children, adolescents and young adults between the ages of zero to thirty years in the field of talent development, young artists and education in arts.

NORMA represents not only performers in the collective management of their related rights and interests. She also distributes grants among artists in all disciplines. These grants are intended for projects or activities that directly or indirectly promote the cultural, social and professional interests of performers.

Mondriaan Fund
The public incentive fund for art and cultural heritage. It promotes unusual and innovative projects and activities by artists, intermediaries and institutions that are of importance for art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands. The fund also has a "working contribution young talent" for promising artists up to four years after their studies.

Pictoright Fund
The Pictoright Fund (Pictoright Fonds) spends so-called ‘sociocultural funds’ (SoCu funds) that are deducted from copyright fees. Projects that are eligible for financing have a social, cultural or educational purpose. These are intended for a broad group of professional visual creators in one or more of the disciplines design/illustration, photography and visual art.


Stichting Stokroos
Stichting Stokroos supports artists, designers and cultural initiatives with financial support and coaching. They support projects in which tradition and innovation enter into a surprising interplay. They also want to support and initiate partnerships between makers, cultural institutions or representatives from other sectors.

Creative Industries Fund NL
The fund for architecture, design and digital culture, as well as every imaginable crossover. The interdisciplinary interplay between the cultural, social and economic domains are thereby important. The fund supports exceptional and innovative projects and activities of designers, makers and cultural institutions in the creative industries.