The Dutch art- and culture world knows various subsidisers and funds owned by local- and national government and private institutes. The differences between them are big.

AFK (Amsterdam arts fund)

AFK (Amsterdam arts fund)
The AFK supports the experiment as well as proven quality, established and relative new organisations, professional art and amateur art - all over the city. There are long-term and incidental subsidies for all disciplines in the cultural sector, for cultural organisations and artists.

Blockbuster fund

Blockbuster fund
Supports cultural projects, preferably multifunctional, that take place in The Netherlands with a large (inter)national audience.


Fonds21 supports projects and initiatives in the fields of music, theatre, dance, e-culture, design, fashion, art, architecture, literature, new media and other disciplines. Also festivals, publications, media productions and educational projects are eligible. This fund supports professional projects with a strong quality.

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
This fund supports visual arts, monumental care, history and literature, music, nature, science and social cohesion. There are CultuurFondsen op Naam for amongst others visual artists, amateur researchers and windmill owners. Also there are stipends for individuals in categories like TheaterTekstTalent. For graduates of hbo or university who are an artistic or scientific talent there are Cultuurfondsbeurzen for further education of research abroad, or the purchase of a musical instrument.

VSB Fund

VSB Fund
The VSB Fund supports many hundreds of initiatives in a broad social field every year. It supports projects throughout the entire breadth of the art and culture sector, from performing arts to cultural heritage and from new media to fine art and cultural education.

Ammodo promotes art and science. It targets projects that have a high international prestige. The fund supports art projects that can contribute to the development or appreciation of art through their level and innovative or unusual character. Ammodo supports projects in music, performing art, fine art, film, literature and architecture.

BNG Cultuurfonds
Stimulates artistic and cultural activities that are (partly) financed by local governments and that have importance on the level of municipal policy.

Fund 1818
Fund 1818 supports many social initiatives in the field of healthcare, welfare, art, culture, nature, the environment and education in the region of The Hague. Fund 1818 supports preferably amateur art.

Fund for Cultural Participation
The fund stimulates an active participation in the cultural life of the inhabitants of the Netherlands in all their diversity. It has a variety of subsidy schemes, including cultural education, amateur art and popular culture. An interesting subsidy is, for example, International Cooperation. For when you are going to collaborate with an international partner in the field of cultural participation or cultural education, or to investigate what the possibilities are for a cooperation. Or the Urban Arts Talent subsidy with which the Fund wants to stimulate and support development programs for urban arts talents.

Performing Arts Fund
The fund for music, music theatre, dance, theatre and festivals. Besides project subsidies and long-term subsidy the fund offers divers programming, project and individual subsidies and also individual subsidies. Quality is very important and special attention goes out to internationalisation, versatility, diversity and the stimulation of innovation in the process of creation, production and programming. This fund also supports the development of popmusic with the subsidy Upstream:Music (2019-2021).

Janivo Foundation
The Janivo Foundation supports art projects for children, adolescents and young adults between the ages of zero to thirty years in the field of talent development, young artists and education in arts.

Lira Fonds
Lira Fund is a foundation that provides subsidies for projects in which professional poets, writers, translators and adaptors are involved. Projects in the field of literature, the performing arts and audio and audiovisual productions (films to a limited extent) are eligible for consideration.

National Theatre Fund
Supports theatres and theatre companies so that they can perform throughout the country with large productions.

North Holland subsidies
The province North Holland has different kind of subsidy programmes. Monumental care is often an important part of that.

Norma Fund
NORMA represents not only performers in the collective management of their related rights and interests. She also distributes grants among artists in all disciplines. These grants are intended for projects or activities that directly or indirectly promote the cultural, social and professional interests of performers.

Stimuleringsregeling Eigentijdse Dans
The city of Amsterdam has an incentive for Contemporary Dancers in Amsterdam intended to support freelance dance professionals in the exercise of their profession. It provides the rental costs for rooms rented for research, rehearsals and assembly.

VandenEnde Foundation
This foundation aims to offer opportunities to develop to young and established artists, to promote cultural participation and to stimulate cultural entrepreneurship. The foundation grants subsidies or donations to the sections theatre, music, audiovisual media and fine art.