Dutch art world: field of work

Here you will find information about the professional fields of different disciplines: where can you show your work, which important awards are there to win, which professional associations can you reach out to.


Visual arts in the Netherlands

About exhibitions, assignments, studios, presentation institutions, awards, media, professional organizations and visual arts in figures.


Architecture in the Netherlands

About architecture policy, awards, competitions and tenders, knowledge organizations, professional associations, professional media and architecture…


Theatre and dance in the Netherlands

About theatre and dance companies, stages and festivals, production houses, awards, professional organizations, intermediaries, media and the…


Heritage in the Netherlands

About museums, archives, monument conservation, social networks, awards, professional organizations, media and heritage in figures.


Film and tv in the Netherlands

About film festivals, markets, distribution, talent development, the TV world, film awards, professional organizations, media policy and the film…


Education in art in the Netherlands

About working as a teacher, art education in schools and extra-mural art education, social networks, media and professional organizations.


Music in the Netherlands

About the music world in the Netherlands: stages, festivals, orchestras, ensembles, workshops, knowledge organizations and professional associations.