An archive is an organisation where valuable heritage is stored. Besides documents as agenda's, reports, dossiers, letters and certificates also carts, photographs, films, cd's and other digital files can be archived.


Archives structure

The Netherlands has a national archiving system. Apart from this National Archive there are 11 Regional Historical Centers (RHC’s) in the provincial capitals and there are 97 municipal and regional archives.


National Archives
The Nationaal Archief (Dutch National Archives) is the ‘national memory’ of the Netherlands. They hold 142 kilometres of documents, photos and maps both from the central government, as well as from organizations and persons of national importance (past and present).

Dutch Jazz Archive 
NJA collects and manages a historical jazzcollection with a special focus on Dutch jazz. The archive has different sound carriers including 78 records, soundtapes and CDs. There is also a collection of videos, photos, books and (international) magazines, sheet music and arrangements and curiosities. It publishes CDs with historical recordings and the magazine called Jazz Bulletin.

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
The biggest audiovisual archive in The Netherlands. It has a culture historic task and functions als the business archive of the public broadcasting association. It collects and conserves audiovisual heritage. The institute has a broad selection of programs that are broadcast on the Dutch public TV and a collection of broadcasters' music recordings.

Netherlands Music Institute 
NMI is the central repository for Dutch musical heritage. The NMI conserves, unlocks and offers source material to the public. The NMI is the result of the aggregation of three music collections: the music archives, the music library of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, and the music documentation of the Musica Neerlandica Foundation. Collections, knowledge and activities in classical music in general and Dutch music life in particular are put together in this institution.