Knowledge, attitude and skills are decisive for a successful career, whether you're self-employed or an employee. Skills like cooperating, innovating and presenting yourself are becoming increasingly important in a changing work field. Entrepreneurship and self-reflection are common threads running through all skills mentioned below.



What’s your network like? How can you network effectively?



Negotiating: how do you do that as successfully as possible?



You will often collaborate: as part of projects or structurally, with other self-employed people or with employees. How can you guide that properly?


Presenting yourself

Which forms of presentation are most suitable to put yourself, in the case of a job interview for example, or your project in the limelight?


Applying for a job

In your letter of application and your CV you try to sell yourself in such a way that you will be invited for an interview.



Talking with peers about how they deal with certain things will help you to develop in your work.



Make an active contribution to the process and the end result based on your own expertise.



A successful career begins with knowing who you are and recognising/knowing your own qualities.