FAQ staying and working in the Netherlands after your study

How can you stay and work legally in the Netherlands after your study if you are not Dutch? Non-EU nationals have to meet more legal conditions than EU-nationals. These are briefly listed below. 


Residence Permit: EU-nationals don’t need a residence permit for the legal stay in The Netherlands. However, a residence permit can be useful for other purposes than legal staying. For example: to be a member of a housing-corporation or to vote.

Work permit: Employers don’t need a work permit for EU-nationals. There is one exception: employers of EU-nationals of Croatia need a work permit for at least one year. Note that it is your employer who needs one, not you.

Non-EU nationals: residence permit and work permit

There are various possible residence permits to stay in the Netherlands after your study. You can find more details on the website of the IND (Immigration & Naturalisation Service).

Residence permit for work
Work as an employee, working as a self-employed, as a highly skilled imigrant, orientation year for graduates in the Netherlands, orientation year of highly educated persons.

Residence permit outside the realm of work
Residence permit to gain work experience, for example for an internship. Note that only for the orientation years (2x) you do not need a certain minimum of income.

Health insurance

As a student without work, you are not obliged to have a Dutch Health Insurance. You can have your own health insurance. However, as soon as you work or as soon as you are not registered as a student any more, you should have a Dutch Zorgverzekering. This is a legal obligation. You risk a fine equal to 130% of the premium of the non-insured months.

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