FAQ start working as a teacher

How do you find a job as an art teacher in primary or secondary education? You will find what type of education you are qualified to teach listed on your diploma. If you only have a diploma of professional art training, you will need to obtain further qualifications to be able to teach classes by yourself. If you have the qualifications to teach high school, you can also teach primary school.

High School

Determine your criteria in the area of signature, level, age group and size of the school and what emphasis they place on art education. Some high schools offer art as a final exam subject, in other schools art is only a part of the substructure. Schools also vary in their choice of art education. Music and visual arts are more common then dance and drama.

Primary education

Many primary schools employ their own art teachers. Primary schools are gradually taking more interest in art education. Government incentives are partly responsible. Arts magnet schools and Broad schools do much in the area of art education.

The employment contract

A job as an art teacher is often part time. This means that you may need to work more than one job to get by. Don’t forget multiple jobs mean extra work, in the nature of meetings, travel and preparation. A full time job in education starts from around 27 hours. Preparation, follow ups, or meetings are not paid separately. Your wage level will be determined by the teacher’s CAO, depending on your years of service. There is not much room to negotiate.

Applying for jobs

Substituting is a great way in, but does not offer the right to a permanent position. Vacancies can be found on various websites  Don’t forget the school you did your internship with: they have already seen what you are made of. Clearly let the school know what you can offer them. Schools are especially interested in your didactic and professional qualities and experience. The school may ask you to teach a trial lesson or write a curriculum or course offer as a part of the application procedure.