FAQ finding an impresario agency

How do you find the right impresario agency? Ans what do you expect it to do for you? Inclusion in an agency’s ‘flock’ doesn’t only come from successes already achieved or good presentation. Your work also has to fit in on an artistic level and it has to click on a personal level. Mutual trust and enthusiasm are essential for successful collaboration.

Which agency?

Every agency has its own atmosphere and speciality. One agency may specialize in children’s theatre, another in dance, cabaret or productions for small venues. It can be to your advantage if an agency represents the kind of companies you feel akin to. Ask your more experienced colleagues and look at the websites of various agencies. Make sure your work or company 'fits in' with the agency you contact.

How do you get in?

Good agencies are regularly asked to represent (dance) companies; most of those who ask will not be taken on. So it’s not much use sending in unsolicited material. Use your network: personal contacts and ‘references’ from people with artistic standing in the circuit. For instance, ask an enthusiastic theatre programmer or director for advice or for an introduction. You can also try and call to make an appointment.

Presenting yourself

Make sure you supply clear, neat and complete information. Send it with a clear sort letter and ask for an appointment. If you are appearing in a production, send an invitation along. 

A video from a successful performance and positive reviews also help. Include information about previous productions and plans for the future: what productions are you going to make, with whom, where do you want to be programmed and what still has to be done to complete the projects?

Directly to:

Presenting yourself

Agreeing on tasks

Impresario agencies can do all kinds of jobs for you. An impresario agency or a theatre bureau has contacts with programmers who can buy your show. The agency works as an intermediairy between you and the theatres. They can also help you with the budgets, publicity, contracts, etc. You agree together on which tasks, for how long and for what price.