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Work in the arts world is often distributed via informal networks. Therefore, always ask your network for a job or assignments. You can also use your network if you want to know more about current wages and practical information about work. Vacancy sites are not only interesting if you are looking for work, but are also useful for orientation to the job market and the work field during your study. Moreover, they also enable you to get a good picture of the demands that will be made on you.

Starter jobs: mostly online

At this time, most organisations only put job advertisements in newspapers for management positions. Jobs for starters are mostly shared on the internet, social media or by word of mouth.

Find work through an agency

If you are looking for work, you can also consider registering with a recruitment and selection agency or with a temp agency. If you work via a temp agency, in most cases you are employed by the agency and not directly by the employer or place of work. Recruitment and selection agencies introduce employers and employees in a specific branch to one another.

AvB students can find more vacancies on AvBwerkt.nl.


You can also consider to check out casting agencies, depending on what kind of job you are looking for.

Culturele vacatures
In Belgium: Podiumkunsten.be

Vacancies theatre:
Vereniging voor Podiumtechnologie
VSCD vacaturebank

Vacancies music:

In the film and TV world you can also stay up-to-date on employment by visiting festivals. That is where filmmakers come together and plans for new projects are presented. If they are realized, it may result in jobs. Approved subsidies are also published via the website of the Netherlands Film Fund. All projects that receive a contribution for realization from the fund, and will therefore go into production, can be found here.

In some disciplines agents and recruiters act as a talent scout for larger companies. You can connect with recruiters at networking events or for example through LinkedIn.

Filmvacatures.nl: vacancies in film
VERS Nieuwe Film- en TV makers: vacancies in film and television
Villamedia: vacancies in journalism
Culturele vacatures: vacancies in the cultural sector
Mediaborrel Noord: private Facebook group with vacancies and assignments in the media

Websites abroad:
Mediarte.be: vacancies in the Belgian media sector
CGMeetup: international site with vacancies in film, games, animation, visual effects