Law and contracts

If you have just started working you get to deal with all sorts of legal affairs: you need to sign contracts with your client of employer . If you start as a self-employed person or start an organisation with others, you have to register your business at the Chamber of commerce. And when you are at work you have to deal with liability in case of accidents or damage. Make sure you inform yourself well on legal affairs.



Whether you work as an employee, contracted party, volunteer, intern or temporary employee will effect your rights in work situations.



What is it? How can you prove that you hold the copyright? When are you allowed to use other people’s work? How can you make money from it?


Types of enterprise

Which type of enterprise (legal form) will you choose? For example a sole proprietorship, foundation, private limited company (bv) or several types?



If something goes wrong that has serious consequences, there is the issue of who is responsible and who is liable.


Legal advice

Make clear, written agreements and prevent conflicts. Do you know if you are liable? Make sure that you know something about legal matters.