Doing Business

You can be entrepreneurial at every level: alone or with others, on a large scale or a small one, with borrowed money or your own, as an employee or working for yourself.

What begins with an inspired idea will only come to fruition if you have an enterprising mind. Talent alone will get you nowhere, your business abilities need to come up to a certain standard as well. Know what you want and be able to express it: formulate your creative/artistic and business goals. Investigate the market and keep an eye on things. In other words, be enterprising. The following topics are important:


Business plan

Describe exactly what you want to do with others or as a self-employed person without employees, as well as how and where you will get the funding.



Analyse your work, your target group and the environment in which you are working in order to ensure your reach is as wide as possible.


Project management

Steer and monitor all the processes that are necessary in order to arrive at a well-organised end result, which is also of high artistic quality.


Financial administration

No matter whether it’s living costs, a project or your company: financial oversight is essential. Set up a good accounting system.


Working abroad

Explore the opportunities abroad and be aware of the practical consequences. Various organisations can support you with this.