Working abroad

Working abroad can offer great opportunities but it has a number of practical consequences as well.

What you should bear in mind

The legislation in the field of liability is different from in the Netherlands. You may need a work permit. It involves extra administration and you may well need additional funding.

If you are taking articles with you abroad such as d├ęcor items, musical instruments or film material, find out in advance whether you need an international customs document (carnet) for them.

Information and advice

On its website, DutchCulture | Transartists provides a wealth of information about overseas programmes for artists in all disciplines. DutchCulture further provides information about the import and export of specific and protected cultural items, and about the CCP, which offers specialist information regarding European funding programmes. 

On the Move encourages cooperation and mobility in the cultural sector at a cross-border level, promoting cultural diversity. They offer funding to students and professionals in arts.