Overview social security, provisions and insurance

The concept of social security is a collective term for benefits, provisions and forms of insurance. Some of these are obligatory and apply generally or to a specific group, others are voluntary. Social insurances can be divided into national insurance schemes, that apply to all Dutch inhabitants, and employed persons insurance schemes, that only apply to employed people.

Social security scheme

Social security Regulation Contribution
National insurance: for everyone living in the Netherlands AOW, ANW, WLZ, AKW Tax office
Employees insurance: for employees WIA, WW, ZW, WAZO through wages
Right to basic medical care Zvw Health care insurer + income-related contribution
Provisions Regulation Contribution
Social welfare: under certain conditions WWB, Wajong, IOAZ, Bbz, TW none
For employees pension through wages
For self-employed pension self arranged


There are lots of other forms of insurance. Some are meant specifically for the self-employed, others for employees as well as the self-employed. Insurance is taken out by initiative of the policy holder, although it may be arranged by law in some cases (for a car for example), or by an institution (liability for school for example). 

General Intended for
Motor vehicles: damage to third parties arranged by law through WAM (Motor Insurance Liability Act) for owners of motorcycles
Damage to third parties (WA private persons) Everyone
Damage as a result of fire or theft House owners, tenants, companies, travellers
Damage to (structures) house/ship House/boat owners and companies
Damage to, loss of musical instruments Instrument owners Different for professional or amateur use
Legal assistance Everyone, in case of legal dispute
Funeral expenses Everyone, in case of death
For self-employed For what?
Companies’ and professions’ liability insurance (WA Beroep en bedrijf) Damage to third parties in the performance of one’s professional practice
AOV Income in case of illness and occupational disability

Income in case of illness and occupational disability

There are different provisions for self-employed people and employees. Here is a schematic comparison of provisions that apply in case of unemployment, illness and occupational disability

Type of provision Employer / artist working via 'artiestenregeling' Self-employed
Income in case of unemployment, WW Yes, if the eligibility requirement is met No, must arrange themselves
Income in case of illness, ZW Yes, continued payment of wages by the employer or through the ZW No, must arrange themselves
Income in case of occupational disability, WIA Yes, under certain conditions, through the WIA No, must arrange themselves