Private Company (BV)

The Private Company (BV in Dutch) is suitable for businesses that make a considerable profit. The requirements for starting up a BV are more stringent. For example, a notarial deed is required for the setting up of a company. The BV has advantages compared with a one-person business in the field of (limited) liability and fiscal advantages in the event of high profits.

Who is involved?

A BV has shareholders and personnel. The director is employed by the BV and acts on its behalf. The shareholders are the boss. A BV need not consist of several persons: one person can be the sole shareholder and the only personnel member: the director.

Who disposes of the capital?

A BV is a company in which the capital is divided into shares. The shares are in the hands of the shareholder(s).

Who is liable?

The BV is a person at law with the same juridical status, rights and obligations as a natural person. The BV itself is considered as an entrepreneur, the shareholder(s) and/or director are in principle not personally liable.