Intermediaries perform different services such as sales, production or publicity. You can decide if you want to contract out everything or just a number of these jobs. First think about which tasks you want to do yourself and then which you want to contract out.

Which jobs do you want to contract out?

For plays: choosing venues and negotiating on prices. For music: making record, advertising and merchandising contracts.

Publicity and promotion 
Publicity and promotion to clients, buyers and audience. Such as maintaining a website and social media, writing and sending out press releases, contact with the media, design, print and send posters, flyers, having photographs and video's made.

Writing subsidy requests, lobbying in the political arena, recruiting sponsorships and crowdfunding.

Bookkeeping, salary administration, making budgets, annual accounts and tax settlement (sales tax, wages and income tax).

Planning auditions, rehearsals and performances, taking care of working conditions, keeping in touch with costume-, set-, lighting- and sound designers, communication on deadlines and other agreements.

Coaching to keep you and your projects on track.