Funding your study

To finance your studies you can tap the following sources, depending on your situation: the regular student financing or loan system, subsidies and your own money, possibly with the right to tax deduction.

Student financing by DUO

For the education on Dutch universities, student finance is granted, on certain conditions, by DUO. If you started studying after September 2015 student finance comprises 3 components: a loan, a student travel product and a supplementary grant (depending on parental income). The student travel product and supplementary grant are converted into a gift if you graduate within 10 years. Otherwise you will have to repay them as well.

If you are under the age of 30 and are registered in full-time or dual education, you can apply for student finance. You must be a Dutch national or have the same rights, depending on your residence permit or your nationality. You can not get student financing for part-time education. In some cases the study costs are deductable from your tax. 

Fund raising

You can also try to finance the last year of your studies or follow-up studies (abroad) with the help of a scholarship. Take into account that the boards of smaller funds do not meet every month; therefore, apply in time.

Raising money has become a made-to-measure activity. You have to determine your own unique selling points and determine what you are worth. The juries and commissions managing the money want to know who you are and what you plan to do. If you want to do an internship at a renowned New York institute, make clear why this is good for you. After all, they want to benefit your development and not the New York institute. Apart from looking at the amount and your motivation, they also consider the value for the fund to support you. So put yourself in the fund’s position.


Scholarships are granted by several organisations, for example: large cultural funds (VSB-scholarship), the bigger and smaller private funds (Joop van den Ende Foundation, the Foundation Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude).


If you get behind with your course of study as a result of circumstances beyond your control, such as illness or family difficulties, you can sometimes apply for financial support from DUO or a scheme operated by the academy. For AHK students the Profileringsfonds covers these situations.