Decree on assistance to self-employed (Bbz)

The Decree on assistance to self-employed (Besluit bijstandverlening zelfstandigen, Bbz) covers the financial assistance that local authorities can give to the self-employed. The form of the financial support differs from one situation to another.

New conditions Bbz due to the corona crisis

Due to the measures taken by the State to stop the spread of the coronavirus, many self-employed people are losing income. That is why the sate is offering a temporary provision. Self-employed people with financial problems can appeal to the Bbz, which is carried out by municipalities and for which new conditions are now in force. Read more

For whom

The Bbz is a benefit for self-employed in all different phases of their career. Such as self-employed who are starting up their own business (maybe while receiving benefits), established self-employed that find themselves in financial difficulties, older self-employed (from 55 years of age) with a non-viable company and income below the social standard and self-employed who have to end their business.

The Bbz can offer help in various ways, these options also differ per situation. For example: a periodic payment that supplements the income to the social standard or company capital (such as a start-up credit). The municipality decides whether these are a gift or a loan.


Different conditions apply to each situation. The following conditions are generally applied:

  • Your enterprise must be able to stand on its own feet after the Bbz
  • You must satisfy the criterion of a minimal number of hours (at least 1225 hours of work in your company or profession)
  • There is no more assistance available via a bank or guarantee fund

You can receive an application form for the Bbz via the Social Services of your municipality. Please note: equity can stand in the way of a Bbz benefit. Contact your municipality to see what they can do for you.

Modest Scale scheme

Some municipalities, including the Work and Income Service (DWI) of the municipality of Amsterdam, apply a Modest Scale scheme for self-employed. You are eligible if you are self-employed part-time and do not generate sufficient income, your income is then supplemented with a benefit from the Participation Act until you can stand on your own two feet.

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