Professional associations

There are several organisations that provide information and support for professional artists.

Representative bodies

These professional associations in the visual arts promote the interests of their members and professional groups. Sometimes there are student or starter rates and you can usually sign up for newsletters for free.

BBK is a professional association for artists that provides legal assistance and support.

BNO is the professional association for Dutch designers and design agencies. It supports designers and design agencies in their professional practice by investing in public information, regulation, research and education.

Boknet is a professional organisation for selfemployed artists. Boknet provides support. Members get discounts on working materials and there is a free helpdesk voor legal advice.

DuPho (Dutch Photographers) is the professional association for professional photographers. DuPho dedicates itself to improving the position of professional photographers in the commercial, social and cultural sphere. The 'kennisbank' (in Dutch) offers usefull information for entrepreneurs.

Kunstenbond works for employees, freelancers, small independents, starters and those who have resigned or retired. The union keeps track of social developments, exerts influence on policy problems and takes care of collective lobbying (such as CAOs). Members can also contact the union for individual help and advice.

Platform Beeldende Kunst is a strategic coalition that mobilizes existing networks and maps out new connections in order to develop a foundation for joint action and spokemanship. Their aim is to positively affect the current perception and public opinion of arts and culture; to influence political decision-making and to put forward new logics that can (re)define the significance of art.

Knowledge and information

These network organisations in art education and participation provide a lot of information.

Landelijk Kenniscentrum Cultuureducatie en Amateurkunst (LKCA) is the national institution for the promotion of expertise, information, networking and research in arts and cultural education.

Cultuurconnectie is a professional association for education and participation in the arts.

MOCCA is an expertise network for art education in Amsterdam.

Centres for the visual arts

Most provinces and some cities have so-called Centra voor Beeldende Kunst (CBK's). These centres act as a local or regional information centre for artists, clients and general public. They offer several services and develop projects. Most municipalities or city centres have their own website like Factor IJ en CBK Zuidoost.