Subsidized companies

Which companies receive subsidy, who pays and how much? This outline gives an idea of the subsidiairy amounts provided by the national government for the production side of the theatre sector.

The basic infrastructure

In the basic infrastructure (BIS) nine theatre companies (four big, four medium and one Frisian) and nine companies for children's and youth theatre are funded in the period 2017-2020.

Theatre companies 2017-2020
Het Zuidelijk Toneel (regio zuid) € 1,623,663
RO theater (Rotterdam) € 1,623,663
Het Nationale Toneel (Den Haag) € 2,709,488
Noord Nederlands Toneel (regio noord) € 2,709,488
Oostpool (regio oost) € 2,709,488
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (Amsterdam) € 2,980,437
Toneelgroep Maastricht (regio zuid) € 1,623,663
Tryater (Friesland) € 1,623,663
Utrechts Theater (Utrecht) € 1,623,663
Youth theatre companies 2017-2020
Het Filiaal € 593,652
Het Houten Huis € 593,652
Het Laagland € 593,652
Maas theater en dans € 593,652
Theater Artemis € 593,652
Theater Sonnevanck € 593,652
Theatergroep Kwatta € 593,652
De Toneelmakerij € 593,652
Het Nationale Toneel (NT Jong) € 588,578

Structural grant from the Performing Arts Fund (FPK)

The Fund Performing Arts FPK) promotes the diversity of medium and smaller sized theatre and focuses on flow, dynamism and innovation. 33 theater companies have a multi-annual project subsidy from 2017 to 2020; there were 30 between 2013 to 2016. Five applicants receive a contribution for talent development: Pels Foundation / Jakop Ahlbom, and Schweigman, Mugmetdegoudentand, Toneelschuur and BonteHond. On the FPK website you will find a list of companies and the amounts granted.

Structural subsidies from local authorities

Provincies and city councils give structural subsidy as well. A few well known companies receive structural subsidy from a (big) city council. In Amsterdam the Amsterdamse Kunstraad advised on the Kunstenplan. In Rotterdam the Rotterdamse Raad voor Kunst en Cultuur advised on subsidies in their Cultuurplan. In Utrecht it was the Advies Commissie Cultuurnota.