Performing arts in numbers

How many stages, shows and visitors are there in the Netherlands?

Recent research

In 2018 there were 573 theatres in the Netherlands. (CBS, 2020)

Popular music attracts the most visitors in the performing arts (18%), closely followed by classical music (15%), cabaret (15%) and drama (13%). Other categories are amateur performances (10%), dance (3%), opera (3%) and other (such as literature, 9%). (VSCD, 2020)

At the VSCD-stages there were 28.898 performances in 2017; 4.837 plays, 1.425 dance performances, 1.492 musicals and 4.496 cabaret performances. (VSCD, 2020)

In total there were 53.708 performances in the performing arts in 2018 by the CBS, of which 10.874 plays, 20.297 musical performances 2.428 dance performances, 6.259 music theatre performances, 8.054 cabaret performances and 5.795 other performances. (CBS, 2020)

In 2017 58% of ticket sales took place over the internet; 34% at the theatre box office and 9% in other ways. (VSCD, 2020)

In total there were 9.7 million visits in 2017. (VSCD, 2020)

In 2017 17% of the performances is funded by the Dutch government, 83% is offered commercially. (VSCD, 2020)

In 2017 there are 14.853 people employed in theatres and concert halls. Of these, 5.092 are employed with a contract. 7.018 people are hired flexibly and 2.743 persons work as volunteers. (VSCD, 2020)

Sources: CBS Statline , VSCD

Numbers by the VSCD only apply to venues connected to the VSCD. Numbers from CBS are based on the VSCD, VNPF and own questionnaire. Festivals are not counted.