Production houses and workshops

Workshops and production houses support young, beginning musicians and composers and help them to build a professional practice. They offer young artists the opportunity to experiment and develop their own signature.

Some interesting examples

Production houses and workshops often organize projects that boost the development of new repertoire, new forms and so-called cross-over collaborations with other music and theatre disciplines. Some interesting production houses and workshops are:

Stichting DoeK
A collaboration between various musicians who deal with improvised music. They organize the annual DoeK festival where spontaneous combinations of musicians are created.

Makes music shows for children up to twelve years. Musicians play classical music, new music, jazz, improvised music and world music. The musicians work with theatre artists, choreographers, filmmakers and puppeteers.

Paradiso Melkweg Production house (PMP)
Link between the two most prominent pop podiums of Amsterdam. PMP produces multimedia projects for pop venues: from short acts in dance to grand projects and (modern) music theatre.

Nederlandse Strijkkwartet Academie (Dutch String Quartet Academy, NSKA) 
Training programme for young string quartets to improve their performance. Receives a structural subsidy from the Ministry of Education.

Development institution targeting revived electronic music and new technologies. Center for research& development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts. Laboratory, workshop, international meeting place, artist hotel, production office, live electro acoustic music, DJ's, VJ's, theater and installation makers, video artists and nomad studio. 

Silbersee / Nederlands Vocaal Laboratorium
Helps young singers to undergo further training in contemporary singing. They produces their own shows from time to time. VOCAALLAB makes productions that are on the cutting edge of music and theater are allowing new forms of music emerge. VocaalLAB organizes experimental flash performances in the so-called IJlabs in the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ. VocaalLAB also occasionally brings productions. The IJlabs are subsidized by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

Kasko (Chamber Opera House)
Production house for small-scale musical theatre and opera in Zwolle. Kasko provides (inter) national career opportunities to young talented opera and music theater professionals. It focuses not only on artistic development, but also and especially on the development of cultural entrepreneurship.

Intro in situ
Stage for new music and a workshop for sound art. Intro in situ yearly organizes a –thematic- series of chamber music concerts at the Vrijthof Theatre in Maastricht. In the workshop of intro in situ, artists –in residence- are given the opportunity to develop and perform projects in the area of sound art.

The International Holland Music Sessions
What started as a summer course has grown into a full institution. Young talents are given the opportunity to be in the spotlight. The Summer Academy is the heart of the organisation. In addition, concert series are provided and an agency guarantees the interests of the musicians at various performances.