The world of jazz

There are dozens of genres and movements within jazz. Almost every genre is still being listened to and played nowadays. Many musicians develop the jazz music even further. Boundaries between movements disappear more and more, even like the boundaries between jazz and pop, classical and world music.

Carreer in jazz music

Most musicians play in various ensembles or bands. Many musicians have their own trio, quartet or a larger ensemble for which they write and/or arrange music for themselves. Other musicians make a creative contribution to ensembles of colleagues. Most jazz ensembles play all year round, but they often work in a project cycle from one to two years, in which they develop a new program, produce a CD and do some concerts or tours.

Those who want to apply themselves occupationally in jazz music need entrepreneurial energy. Most jazz musicians work as a self-employed combining performing (with own projects, in other musicians bands and in the commercial circuit) with teaching (at music schools, in workshops or online), production jobs and sometimes even with another job within or outside of the music industry.

Most musicians take care of the business side of their works themselves, especially in the beginning. Intermediaries and impresario agencies can help with bookings. The Netherlands has several jazz venues and cafes, jazz festivals, competitions, awards and nationwide presentations.

Commercial jazz

Doing commercial jazz performances is an opportunity to earn money besides performing in jazz clubs, at jazz venues and at jazz festivals. Individuals or companies often hire bands to have live music at their birthday or corporate parties, weddings or other events. Also hotels, restaurants and bars regularly organize live music for their guests.

Some ensembles play music that is suitable for this type of events, other musicians set new bands together to play music that is popular as background music or music to dance to. Especially at the beginning of their career for many musicians commercial performances form a major part of their income.

Manner of working

As a rule, non-subsidized ensembles in the jazz sector are booked for short term projects, and every opportunity must be taken advantage of in order to keep playing on a regular basis. There are projects developed around special themes, but the ensembles keep working in addition to these. Depending on demand, some periods are busier than others, but as a rule the work has a continuous character.