Professional associations

To stay informed about recent developments there are some organisations to keep an eye on. Trade unions, interest groups, sectorial institutes and provincial heritage institutions offer an enormous amount of information.

Representative bodies

Representative bodies can do a lot for you in many different ways. Sometimes there are also student or starter rates and you can usually sign up for newsletters for free.

The Kunstenbond is a trade union for people who work in the arts.

Landelijk Contact Museumconsulenten
The Dutch Museum Advisors Foundation is a network organisation at the provincial level that aims to promote professionalism and skills in the sector.

Museumregister Nederland
Register for museums which acts as quality mark. The purpose of this register is to visualise, protect and improve the quality of Dutch museums.

Nederlandse Museumvereniging
The Netherlands Museums Association is the umbrella organisation for the entire museum branch that promotes the interests of the branch and provides services in quality care, forum and image improvement.

Vereniging van Erfgoedhoveniers
The association of heritage gardeners is a group of gardener organisations who distinguish themselves with their specialisation: green heritage. They maintain monumental city gardens, farmyards, estates and historical graveyards.

Vereniging van Nederlandse Kunsthistorici (VNK)
The Dutch association for art historians (VNK) is a platform for meeting, debate and advice for art and architectural historians in the Netherlands. It also advocates for common art historical interests.

The Professional Association of Tour Guides, Actors and Museum Teachers (BRAM) is an association committed to the professionalization of the field and to promote the common interest of paid guides, museum teachers and actors.

Knowledge and information

Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland (DEN)
Digital Heritage Netherlands (DEN) is the knowledge bank for the digitalisation of heritage.

Heritage Academy
The Heritage Academy offers courses on current heritage themes, networking meetings and a Heritage Philosophy course. Practical education for professionals in the heritage sector. The Heritage Academy is an initiative of the National Service for Cultural Heritage and National Restoration Fund.

Federatie voor Industrieel Erfgoed Nederland (FIEN)
The Netherlands Industrial Heritage Federation is a platform for volunteers who are involved with cultural heritage.

Heritage Arena
Several times a year the Reinwardt Academy organizes the Heritage Arena (Erfgoedarena), a debate night about a heritage related issue. The topical themes are usually determined together with our partners in the work field. 

Het Geheugen van Nederland
The Geheugen van Nederland is an image library with paintings, drawings, pictures, photographs, sculptures, ceramics, post stamps, posters and newspaper clippings from more than a hundred Dutch museums, archives and libraries.

Kenniscentrum Immaterieel Erfgoed Nederland
The knowledge center Immaterieel Erfgoed Nederland is the driving force behind the execution of the UNESCO Convention for the protection of intangible cultural heritage.

Salon de Muséologie
An evening full of debate on a weekly basis about important subjects. All aspects of the cultural heritage workfield are being discussed.

Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed
The Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) investigates which aspects of heritage can best be conserved and how those cultural historical values can best be maintained. The REC is the research organisation of the ministry of education, culture and science (OC&W).

Social networks

To build up and maintain a professional network, you can register with different networks via LinkedIn. In this way you stay informed about important developments in your work field, about events and discussions. Also vacancies and assignments are often communicated through these networks.

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