Competitions and awards in heritage

There are two types of awards: individual (thesis) awards and awards for museums. Sometimes you can register yourself or you are invited, and sometimes you have to be nominated. This list focusses on Dutch competitions.

Individual awards

AHK Graduation Prize
The Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) annually presents the AHK Graduation Prize to the best graduation project on Bachelor and Master level. An important criterion is the way in which the students make a connection ​​with the outside world, and the relevance of the work for the further development of their field of study. The prizes consists of € 3,000.

ICOM Scriptieprijs
The ICOM (International Council of Museums) Nederland has an annual award for an innovative study of international developments in the museum world. The prize consists of € 1,500 and the opportunity to present the thesis at the international conference of ICOM.

Pieter Jan Abraham van Menschprijs 
An incentive for young professionals in cultural heritage. The prize is awarded in each examination period of the Reinwardt Academy for the project in which trends and innovative thinking within the field of heritage theory are applied the best and / or most appealing.

W.A. van Es-prijs
Incentive of the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (State Service for Cultural Heritage) for young research talent in the field of Dutch archaeology. The award is in rotation assigned to a dissertation, a master thesis or another notable publication. The prize consists of € 2,000 and a certificate.

Other cultural heritage awards

BankGiro Loterij Museumprijs 
Prize of € 100,000 awarded annually since 2007 to a museum in the Netherlands by the BankGiro Lottery and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. The prize is awarded every year to a particular museum field. A jury determines a category and a shortlist of nominated museums. The audience will then determine what museum wins the award.

BNG Bank Erfgoedprijs 
Initiative of the Heritage Platform of the organisation Kunsten '92 for best heritage municipality of the Netherlands. It is not the amount of cultural heritage that counts, but what you do with it. The award consists of € 25,000 that the BNG Culture Fund makes available to encourage municipalities to make cultural history an integral aspect of all municipal policies

Brabantse Erfgoedprijs 
Focuses on stimulating innovation and regional development in the heritage sector. The prize consists of a commission, guidance and an amount of € 10,000 to help develop the winning project.

European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 
Initiative of the European Union. The purpose of the award is to highlight the best examples of heritage conservation in Europe. The selection is based on to what extent the project contributes to increasing awareness and support for heritage in Europe and on the value of the heritage to Europe and the European economy. Prizes will be awarded in the categories of conservation, research, special efforts and education, training and awareness.

Grote Archeologie Prijs
With this award the Foundation Archeology and Public (SAP) demonstrates the social relevance of archeology. The award is intended for projects that link archeology and the public.

Turing Toekenning
The Turing Foundation offers help to museums who want to exhibit foreign exhibitions. Once in two years the Turing Foundation awards € 450,000 to a proposal for an exhibition.

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