Young talent

There are various initiatives available for young talent to implement new projects, such as talent development programmes and trajectories.


In connection with talent development, every year the Film Fund awards Wildcards to the directors of graduation films. The winners of the Film Fund Wildcards each receive € 50.000 to make a new documentary, feature film or animation film. Besides the awards there is a contribution available for coaching of maximum € 2.500 and a maximum of € 8.500 (17% of the production budget) as a compensation for the producer. There are two Film Fund Wildcards Documentary, two Film Fund Wildcards Feature Film and two Film Fund Wildcards Animation.

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Delta Plan Talent

The Netherlands Film Fund, the NPO Fund, CoBo and a number of public broadcasters have jointly developed the Delta Plan. The feature film sector hereby increases the production volume for young film makers and offers them explicit guidance. This offers opportunities to new talent and enables proven talent to develop further. The plan includes the initiatives listed below. The conditions of the various programmes can be found on the sites of the funds and participating public broadcasters.

NTR KORT! (NTR short)
KORT! is a cooperation project organised every year by the NTR, FILM Fund, NPO Fund and CoBo to give new and established directors and screenwriters in the Netherlands the opportunity to make quality short films with international potential. KORT! consists of ten short feature films with a duration of between five and ten minutes. Plans for animation films can also be submitted. The ten films première each year at the Netherlands Film Festival in September and are afterwards broadcast by the NTR on television.

One Night Stand
The One Night Stand is a cooperation project organised every year by the NTR, VARA, VPRO, NPO Fund, CoBo and the Film Fund. It is intended to develop and stimulate film and TV talent. The project consists of the development of a series with six episodes with a duration of 45 minutes. Every episode is made by another team but they do have one central location in common.

De Oversteek (The crossing)
De Oversteek is a cooperation project organised every year by the Film Fund, NPO Fund, CoBo, VPRO and NTR. It is intended to develop and stimulate film talent. De Oversteek is meant for young directors who are starting out and want to implement their first artistic feature film project. Two feature films for the cinema and TV can be supported each year. The cooperating parties are looking for projects that tell a contemporary, urgent story in a powerful visual idiom, with (international) festival potential.

New Screen NL

Under the name New Screen NL, the Film Fund offers various possibilities of subsidy for makers who are starting out in the categories of short films and documentaries, low-budget feature films and animation projects. A number of important subsidies are listed below.

Vrijplaats beginnende scenaristen (refuge for screenwriters who are starting out)
A developmental trajectory for screenwriters who are starting out. They can apply to the fund for the development of a treatment or scenario and receive both a writer’s fee and a sum that can be spent on a script coach.

Realisering korte film (making a short film)
Unlike most of the other subsidies, producers who are starting out can also apply for a subsidy for the making of a short film or documentary. The fund contributes a maximum of 85% of the total production budget and a maximal amount of € 40,000.

Ultrakort (ultra short)
Competition for the making of four ultra short animation films of no more than 2 minutes in cooperation with Fund 21 and Pathé cinema. Pathé will distribute the animation films and show them in cinemas as shorts before the main film. Preference is given to visually convincing films in which (understanding) the spoken text is of secondary importance.

Afwerking New Screen NL (finishing New Screen NL)
For films that have already been shot and have almost been completely edited, the fund makes a finishing subsidy available. This is intended to make a film production ready for screening. Feature films for TV are not eligible.