Workshop Architecten

Architecture - class 2011, 2014 and 2015

Workshop Architecten was established in 2017 by Ard Hoksbergen (1981), Ivar van der Zwan (1968), Milad Pallesh (1987), all three of whom graduated from the Academy of Architecture. These ambitious architects, with various prizes to their name, made a conscious choice to join forces in their artisanal laboratory: an architectural firm with a workshop.

In this interview, they explain how they prepared for the collaboration, how they divide the tasks and how running a business together makes for a stronger and better quality company. Before they gave up their own architectural firms and began a general partnership (vennootschap onder firma, VOF), they took the time to examine what binds them together and where they wanted to go with the firm. They present the vision of the firm in weekly reflection and acquisition meetings. In this way, they develop and maintain their network and remain focused.

Tips from Workshop Architecten: go for it, be open to advice, find out your strengths and weaknesses, and make good use of the Academy network.

18 May 2017