Marit Janse

Architecture - class 2013

Marit Janse (1977) has since her graduation in 2013 had her own (landscape) architecture bureau in addition to a part-time job with the department of planning of the city council of Dordrecht. As a freelancer, she collaborates with other architects and artists on projects and she is also linked to the Academy of Architecture as a guest teacher.

At the city council Marit is working on large projects, as a freelancer she develops products and works with others on projects. For her thesis 'Salt Crystals' she was nominated for the Archiprix and the Graduation Prize of the AHK. Together with artists collective 'Maatschap Observatorium, she received  a grant from The Art of Impact for the project Bovendoor en Onderlangs at the Kleinpolderplein (park) in Rotterdam to develop a festival.

In this interview, Marit talks about starting her own business, her graduation, the social impact that you can have as a landscape architect and the added value of combining all these different roles. She concludes with tips for students. "Make sure you do what you do with complete devotion, whether it is with a municipality, as a freelancer or in a partnership."

January 26th, 2016